TP/LM please?

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it’s one of the most commonly asked questions in a lot of SL groups and it always surprises me how often years old accounts don’t seem to know the ways to find shops and venues on their own. I refuse to believe this is laziness.

(yes, this may be a pet peeve of mine)

Now not always there will be a helpful group member in the place where you want to go when you ask this in a group, and more often, fellow group members will see the chat pop up, see what it’s about and think “pffft, again?  look it up dude!” So how can you get there on your own?

1) look up the place in search. I know it’s not always working properly, and unfortunately not all shop/club owners seem to make their places visible in search (after all why would you, it’s not like you want to earn something, right?) But still, it’s the place to start.

2) When you’re in a group, click on the name of the group owner. Usually this is also the owner of the business, or a manager and they will have the place in their profile picks. You can then TP from there.
group profile














3) If your groups have issues loading (especially with big groups) , then you can always look up one of the items that you have from the creator, wear or rez it, activate edit, and click on the name of the creator and check their picks. Again, if they want your business, you will find a pick for their shop there!
oh look








4) Most shops and succesful venues have a blog, a flickr, a tumblr or are active on social media. That means that when you google the name of the business/the creator and SL or “Second Life” you will usually end up at their site which very likely has a SLurl to their place.

Now, whether all of the above have any success rate, that depends for a large part on the business owner. If they don’t bother updating their profiles and sites when they move, which, face it, happens often in SL… then eventually you’ll end up, desperate, in a group IM to ask for a TP or a LM (this is also the reasons I didn’t suggest looking at your fave blogs for SLurls. I stopped posting them ages ago because all too often they would go out of date, and angry people would contact me why a SLurl on a 6 month old post was not taking them where they wanted).
Of course you could also ask yourself, if it’s made that hard to find a place… do they really want to be found at all and decide to spend your L$ in a place that does keep picks and SLurls and LM’s up to date.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to look up  places in SL? Please share!!


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  1. If someone is talking about something in a store group that is sold or given as a gift by that store, then it’s laziness to ask for a tp/lm especially if there’s information about it in the group’s notices. But if I mention a store in a general chat that people may not have heard of, I provide a slurl in group so that everyone can benefit, particularly if I am standing right there in the store looking at the good deal I’m sharing. Providing slurls in a group chat just seems like courtesy to me, especially since for people dealing with any lag, search may not even open for them.

    Regarding blogs, I find it helpful when the blogger gives the creator’s name. That way the store could have moved six times and it doesn’t matter as long as we can look up their profile. And if there’s no info about the store because it’s gone, or incorrect info in the creator’s picks, that can’t be blamed on the blogger.

  2. I’ve had good luck with using the “See item in Second Life” link on the SL Marketplace.

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