My Digits part II

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Brilliant idea from Strawberry Singh to revisit the digits post she did last year after the introduction of mesh. I probably should have looked at the pic from last year first before doing this year’s so there could be a more accurate comparison, but I didn’t , so here it is. [09:06] [OO] Avatar ruler 1.3: Grazia Horwitz, your avatar’s height is 174 cm (5′ 9″) counting your shoes.

What has changed most compared to last year is  my butt size. Seriously?? It went up from 29 to 41!! That’s some junk in my trunk! Also, body fat went way down from 21 to 9. That is for sure a sacrifice to mesh that I did, because if I wanted to fit in a size L, I’d have to make my boobs HUGE so instead of that, I rather toned down my body fat, and fit in a S/M depending on the creator and have my boobs smallish like before.

Having said that, I love mesh, and I am pleasantly surprised how little sliders actually influence the size… or rather, how much freedom you have with the remaining sliders to make your shape still unique. I was afraid with mesh, everyone would look like clones, but even with standard sizing… this is hardly the case. I think that the mesh deformer can be a powerful tool to make minor tweaks to how the mesh is positioned around your shape, but just like previous with the clothing layers, if your shape is extreme in some points, the mesh will look truly deformed, and not exactly good.  Mesh, like every other clothing form in SL has its limits, unfortunately… but really, if you tweak a number or 2 of your shape, it’s usually enough to make mesh fit.

2 thoughts on “My Digits part II”

  1. I’m lookin at your curves and I have to admit I’m totally jealous. I might have to rethink some of my adjustments. If your butt can still fit into a small/medium, I’m gonna try and figure out how mine can too! LOL

    Thank you Grazia for playing again, I absolutely LOVE your curves! And YAY for small boobs! <3

  2. Do it!! You have way more freedom to play with curves etc than you’d think. Just keep the few references from standard sizing like body fat and muscularity in mind in the size you want.

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