Love Challenge


I love the mini challenge that Luna has proposed, sharing a few of the things we love on our blogs, flickrs etc. She’s right, there is so much meh going on everywhere, that it’s nice to focus on the LOVE stuff!!

  • I love my family, both RL and SL. I am blessed with the best guy, great parents, siblings, god children and cousins in both worlds. In SL, my partner Don and my god daughter Darla mean the world to me and with the rest of our crazy little family, we just have the best of fun.
  • I love mesh!!! Check the pic above, I am wearing E! Apparel‘s newest mesh dress Louisa and SLink‘s Relax boots (with Whippet & Buck‘s hot pink Cole boat neck sweater and Mon Tissu‘s Fuchsia favorite wool tights. Hair by Shag, skin by Illusory, to die for cute pose prop by What Next).
  • I love making poses and shapes. I have been in “business” since early 2009. Dove Swanson from LA was on a hiatus back then, and I missed new stuff from her, so I decided to make some my self. First under the brand name Grapevine, and later with GEEZ. I only wish I could dedicate more time to it, and that I could nail the couple poses… I just don’t seem able to get the 2 avs to work together 🙁
  • I love plurk! Yes, I do. I have met so many of my friends on there and while it sometimes is a drama party, mostly it’s just a great bunch of people there sharing what is going on in their lives.
  • Oh and last but not least… I love my blog. Sometimes I get fed up with it, and I feel like deleting it all, but after a day or 2 I find myself back looking at stuff to take pics of for a new entry. I’d like to thank you all for the support over the past 5 years of SL blogging and I am looking forward to much more to come.

♥, Graz


3 thoughts on “Love Challenge”

  1. love your photo! <3

    I hope you release more of those editorial poses (that's something I could never get a hang of!).

    Thanks for participating in the mini love challenge!

  2. i have more out soon at the back to black event… and some others at a cute little gatcha event for V-day!!!

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