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Fact: most SL skins are pretty damn gorgeous straight from the box. Impeccable complexion, soft glow, flawless… in short, instant 274 step Korean Glass skin routine. Mind you, of course, there are so-called character skins that cater to people who purposefully look for either an older looking skin, or with specific characteristics, but most mainstream skins are made to make you look your best, even without a single touch of makeup.

So for this Get Ready With Me, I felt like going in reverse. Take that gorgeous skin, with some really minimal daytime makeup, and pretty much take off your make up for the night. Showing a more realistic skin that does have some blemishes, decolourisation, or like in my RL, some dark epic circles that concealer can barely camouflage on a good day!

Hair Elvia by Doux
Mesh head Fleur by LeLutka
Skin Marina by Amara Beauty
Eyes Dollie by Heaux
Dress Elodie by E-clipse Design

Eyebrows Zero by Suicidal Unborn
Eyeliner Back to basics by IDTTY Faces
Blush Kenna by Amara Beauty
Lipgloss Tess by Lara Hurley

Hair Selena by Doux
Eyebrows Marina skin light brows by Amara Beauty
Eye bags Destiny by Glam Affair
Dark circles eyebags pale by Letargofem
Blemishes light by Izzie’s
Dry lips light by Izzie’s
Shirt Maggie by RKKN

I’m ready for bed. Sleep tight when it’s your turn and as always, stay safe and be kind to each other! ♥

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