I know, it’s mean to blog something gorgeous that isn’t available yet. But I just had to add this Elegance set that my sis Caelan Hancroft has made to this picture. Cae is preparing a lovely line of jewelry and will soon open her shop. Besides, it was an awesome excuse to show off SLink‘s …

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Mujer Desnuda


Ms Kimmera Madison dropped me her hunt item for the A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt last night. It’s a fabulous hat, in 2 versions. I’m wearing the “simple” version, you can see the more elaborate one on Mr Jefferson’s blog. Our resident Vanity in Motion totally pulls it off. Is there anything this man …

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Costumes LOTD

Honestly? I couldn’t be less interested in summoning the death, so I’d be a lousy necromancer, but this mesh outfit from Deviance is called that way, and I happen to really love the look of it and the staff is awesome. I’m wearing it with the new Sphynx hair from Amacci and Glam Affair‘s Leah in a …

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