Casual fashion iheartslFeed LOTD poses

  Dahlia Joubert has a new mesh brand, Tabloid, and I am wearing her Ambra vest and Londra jeans. Great execution of the mesh and lovely texturing. Can’t wait to see what’s up next! Also, I know I don’t credit poses often, but this one is from Ma Vie‘s Changes pack, and the butterflies are …

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Dressy LOTD

Aphrodite Outlander is back in town and has reopened and rebranded her store. With l’Aph, she brings us classy mesh designs like the Eva dress I am wearing here. It’s pure class and the combination of brown and red makes it a little daring, but it works really well (if you don’t like red/brown, it comes in …

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Robe Manteau

Dressy fashion LOTD

Coat and tote by Ri.cielli. Click the image for full credits Oh, the elegance of a coat dress, or robe manteau as the French call them. It’s one of the most elegant things in a lady’s wardrobe according to me. You can wear it to the office, and just as easily to a party afterwards. …

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