Another skin I’m very pleased with lately is Curio’s newest “Yum”. Whereas I could never resist a fatpack of Gala Phoenix’ skins for the sheer awesome deal she offers, I would never count them among my favorites because of the porn lips, combined with the underage look. Seriously, I can’t get past that. Yum however is easier on me, I can tweak the mouth to acceptable full proportions and I actually look like I am allowed to have a drink.

I’m slightly bummed that Gala changed her make up options for eyebrow options, because they were what made her fatpacks AWESOME deals, but to make up for that, there are 2 fat pack bonus make ups which are not available as a single skin. I never noticed before, but on the smooth, flawless skin, the ears are irritatingly photorealistic, they could use some more blending and a wee bit of grain to make them more, erm… yum :-), but then again, I usually wear my hair longer than this, so I wouldn’t really notice. I just wanted to show off Donna Flora’s beautiful new Contessa earrings.

Visit Curio for a demo!

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