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I’m wearing Monicuzza Babenco’s latest skin Sharon today. I’ve noticed they Your Skin & Your Shape skins before, I think I have even bought one or two before, but they could never capture my attention longer than a few minutes before I wanted to change back into one of my other skins.  But apparently there are a lot of ladies who like these skins, considering the size of the shop, and the occasional messages of fellow bloggers on the feeds, so today I decided to give it a try, and thank you Monica, for generously dropping me a sample pack for my perusal.

When putting on this skin, the first thing I noticed is the friendly face.  All of Monica’s skins have this very specific mouth which always seem to smile a little even if you don’t force your avie’s shape in the ugly grin that is supposed to be a smile. Also this skin has a lovely nose and generally beautiful eyes, even though the inner eye highlights are too strong for my personal taste. What puts me off in this otherwise seriously cute face, is the dark shading around the mouth and in the corners of the mouth. It makes it look somewhat dirty in my opinion. I’d really love to see this mouth “cleaned up” because I think it would be to die for, so pretty.

Over all, Sharon has a pleasant looking body, with the exception of the feet, which definitely need more work. The clavicles are a little too highlighted for my taste, but others will love the pronounced look of the neck and collar bones. The back and bum have a very nice and soft shading. When you close up though, you’ll notice that this skin has quite a lot of seams. Blending around the edges of the template is a royal pain you know where, but for me it still is a sign of the skill level of the skinner. Someone who is able to make a near seam free skin, for me, deserves the utmost respect.

So, concluding, I’m not convinced about this skin. I’m glad Monica sent it to me, so I could try it on and form my opinion about it. I think I will follow YS & YS more closely to see how future skin lines will look, because there are absolutely some lovely features in these skins and they come with a more than decent selection of make ups and eyebrow colours, as well as a  dark hair base.

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  1. I am continually impressed with the leaps she makes,and I really like the makeups she creates. I think good things are to come – she’s talented but still learning.

  2. What a great review! I tried these at the skin fair, and found them to be one of the loveliest selections available. Since I was budgeting my skin purchases, I made another choice, but I can see what others really like about them. Definitely one to watch.

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