What happened, Miss Simone?

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Finally! A year after the initial release of LeLutka’s Simone, the Bento version of this much loved head is about to  be released. The LeLutkas have been working their shapely arses off on this head and the results are amazing.
I have not yet tried a Bento head before that is easier to work with. She reacts flawlessly to slider manipulation and the expressions are flawless.

I’m referring you to the LeLutka blog for all the features that this head has.

Personally I am stoked with the HUD redesign and the solved alpha issues. The fact that Simone is now fully Omega compatible is also something that many people will love (but please… always try demos first!!)

Simone II Bento HUD & shape tests

Above I’m showing you the various tabs of the HUD, as well as samples of how Simone will look on a variety of shapes (you’ll be able to find those shapes on the MP after Simone is released btw). I am wearing her here with the also soon to be released new Glam Affair’s Sammy for LeLutka.

Join the LeLutka update group to receive the demo and to hear first when Simone will be released!

While this is not an update, I mean, c’mon… these people have been working on this flawless head for almost a year and aside from the base model of the head, there is pretty much NOTHING left of old Simone except for the name, LeLutka will give every customer who has previously bought the original Simone head an instant rebate of 2.500 L$ when they wear the head while buying Simone 2.0 ( you will pay 5k… and get 2.5 back right away). Please don’t forget to wear your old Simone head, this is the only way the rebate will work, and the only way you’ll be eligible for it!

Looking forward to it? Tell me, what you want to see next on the Bento side of SL!!

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