Voodoo Trance

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Belleza Betty Voodoo. For full credits, click the image

The scent of tobacco and frankincense was intoxicating, copious amounts of rum were consumed and the leaves she had been given to chew on made her light in her head. she was dancing to the drums, not sure whether they were played or that the sound was in her head. Someone passed her a cup and she took a sip, the warm and salty taste unfamiliar, but oddly powerful. The world whirled around her, or was she the whirling one? She wasn’t sure… trance, Voodoo trance.

Voodoo fair has started today and Belleza is one of the sponsors! Tricky made a special version of Betty,  with a smeared mascara tattoo. The skin is being sold with smokey shadow and 5 different lipsticks included as well as the smeared mascara on tattoo layer AND Hair/brow tattoos. You also get the cleavage on the tattoo and undershirt layer. 5 skintones are available, and each skintone is 1200L$,

Visit Belleza at Voodoo Fair

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