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I wanted to show you the same mesh head, and the same underlaying head shape with some of the different new skin appliers available since April 23, because the effect is quite dramatic. Just like when you wear another skin on your usual shape on the regular SL avatar they all look pretty different.

I am wearing the upcoming Karin head from LeLutka’s Undivided here. Yes, I know I am a tease, but this new head is definitely my current favorite. From left to right, I am wearing it with Glam Affair (clean Ever, because Karin has yet to get her own base skin), YS&YS‘ Yvonne, Deetalez Heaven, Adam ‘n Eve‘s Chelsea and Izzie‘s Sophee, all no make up versions.

Imagine when you start to mix and match the different make ups, because you can! Or, fiddle with the head sliders. Although the rigging  to the skeleton in the head is limited to affect only 2 sliders (head size and head stretch) the effects can be quite dramatic, as you can see in Sasy’s post here.

I heard from the LeLutka team that skin sets have gone out to as many as 27 skinners so far, but not everyone is yet able to share their work with us, so keep looking out, because the offer of skins is only going to be bigger and better!!

Other need to knows: Eyes by Ikon, hair Malea by Truth, shirt by Blueberry


3 thoughts on “Variety”

  1. *waves to Grazia*

    So I have been gone from SL for a few months and this head is new to me. Is it yet possible to adjust the individual facial features i.e. eyes, nose etc?

  2. I have the Ever head and I just bought the Persephone skin applier from Pink Acid and it is gorgeous on the head! I can’t want to try the new heads out now.

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