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Nadia, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

When I first heard of Popfuzz “Poppy” Bamboo she was the Queen of Colours for me. Everything she made, no matter how wild the outfit, came in at least 10 vibrant colours from shocking pink and royal blue through warning sign yellow and apple green. And not only that, Poppy is one of those creators that puts every possible (useful) layer in the pack for massive combining her things with other designs. The other week I saw on her blog that she made this cute naughty nurse outfit, wearing a really cute skin tight dress, and guess what…. Poppy has been making more colours again! She’s been dimming the colours of this dress -Nadia- a little though, making them deeper and richer in my opinion. I’m showing you only a couple of the colours in which it’s available, becaues as usual, it’s a colour fest!

I think you will see me in this dress more often, or wearing parts of it, because like I said, it is perfect for layering with other stuff for outfits. The release of Nadia is expected one of these days.

No date set yet for Popfuzz‘ new skin Indulgence, which, like the clothes at Popfuzz comes in a plethora of skintones and make ups. Indulgence has a lovely face, with tons of eye make ups and a luscious cherry mouth. There are 2 eyebrow options, light and dark which for me are both on the reddish side, that might be something to work on. Thebody come’s with a normal boob shading, and a cleavage shading, for that Eva Herzigova “Hello Boys” effect. Like I said, Poppy has no date yet for the release of Indulgence.. but if you subscribe to her mailing list in her shop, you’ll receive a nice Indulge skin gift in al 9 skintones!

Upcoming is also a really nice male/unisex release and I just might show that later this week, If SL will stop make me crash every time I try to make a pic!!! *shakes fist *

Other stuff: Exile‘s new hair, with the fab new textures from the new shop at Covet and Icon‘s heart necklace.

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