It’s funny. I never used to edit any of my blog pics, except for some cropping and maybe adding a frame or putting several unedited pics in a collage, but lately, with all the post processing overload you see pretty much all over the feeds, I have been photoshopping my little heart out as well, though I must admit that for blogging it mostly remained limited to correcting a pose distortion or getting rid of the crappy lines that happen when you take shadow pics.
I like Harlow Heslop‘s challenge though to blog an unedited pic, so I did my best in the following one to take some extra time to set up and to use a few tricks of my own in world to make it as good as possible without touching any editing program.

The beautiful skin is Sofia, the newest addition at YS &YS by Monicuzza Babenco. It comes with a teeth and no teeth version, so this is not a tattoo layer, it’s on the actual skin.  Not that it would look different on a tattoo layer, but just to let you know that you can’t use them on other skins.  Can you tell I haven’t had breakfast yet? I’m rambling and probably not making much sense hahaha. I should probably shoot the body and the make ups of this skin in a neutral light sometime soon, because she’s really, really pretty. But for now, this will have to do.

My favorite eyes are from Ikon, and they are pretty much all I wear, together with the lashes from LeLutka. The Abbey hair is one of my favorite mesh hairs so far and it’s by Elikatira.

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