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I think I’m getting old or something. Last week I made photos of Tuli’s Natalie for a review… and then forgot about them, or the review in the chaos of my RL week. So, with some delay (and the face shots done over because I liked the format that I used yesterday for Annyka’s) I’s like to state that I’m glad that Tuli’s latest has again the softness  that I appreciate so much in her skins.

Kallista, her previous release, whilst being a beautiful skin with a lot of dramatic make ups was too hard for me, too lean, with very pronounced ribs and over all bone structure. Natalie on the other hand, is soft, and feminine and err… yeah, she’s lickable.  Natalie is available in 7 skintones and comes with a plethora of make ups. The faces have faint freckles and every skin pack contains 2 skins, full make up and natural lips as well as optional pubes on clothes layers and pre-tinted brows.

I obviously am not a natural Tuli shape girl, because I had to tweak my shape a little. My own mouth would be a wee bit too small to be beautiful with these skins. But I’m used to minor shape tweaking, so I just save a new copy with the name of the skin and store it in its folder.  


Back to the body. Natalie has an over all lovely shading, with a stomach that I really like, and I always love  the way Tuli shades her boobs. They just look pretty. These skins are pretty flawless. So that is no topic for discussion. You either like it or you don’t, because it’s good for your avie, or not. And I think that is the strongest thing about Tuli as a skinner she just makes quality skins that make a lot of avatars look beautiful. For me, Natalie is a more than welcome addition to my skin collection. I especially like the way the darker skintones look on me. 


Other need to knows: I’m wearing  Zero Style’s Dana, Skin Flick’s Marsha undies and Insolence’s Marie Jeanne heels… Oh and did I mention Tuli’s Natalie? 😛

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Grazia! I’m a true Tuli lover and will zap out and snatch up some Natalie ASAP!

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