Tuli's Eva (Coming Soon to a Journey Near You)


Eva, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Next week, on March 18, Tuli will re-open her newly build sim Journey and that will also be the day that her much anticipated new skin Eva will be released to the public. I am honoured that Tuli has sent me Eva beforehand to try and enjoy and I must admit, Eva is one of the prettiest, softest skins I have worn in a long time.

Eva will be available in a whopping 7 skin tones, so there will be plenty of choice from the palest of pale, to a rich, dark tan. Eva come with blond brows as well as brown and black brows and with a normal and a push up cleavage. I can say but one thing… please ladies… wear a bra or bikini at least when you wear the push up version. Your tatas will never look like the push up version in when you are topless (sorry… mini rant… total pet peeve šŸ™‚ )

Below I have also included a picture of the 10 beautiful make ups Eva will be available in. My favourites are the natural skin, which is just stunning in its simplicity, and make up no, 9, with the soft coral lips. Oh well… it’ll be March 18 in a few days, but if you can’t contain yourselves any longer, you can also go and visit Tuli’s temporary store with discounted skins and clothing in the clearance sale!

Visit Tuli (temp location)

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