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Despite the sometimes more than frustrating shopping experience with the infamous HUD and all related issues of not being able to deposit exact amounts, and retrieve surplus amounts after shopping, the over all steep pricing (and not always having the feeling as a customer you get value for money) and the simple fact that LL doesn’t allow us to have enough tattoo layers to play around much after having applied face, eyebrows, lipstick and other personal features, like in my case my little beauty mark, I am a fan of The Shops’ skins, simply because their faces are beautiful on me and they give me personality.

Months ago The Shops started to tease us with promises of appliers (YAY), because lets be honest, we all love our SLink hands and feet, but maybe they had better waited with the teasing til stuff got more concrete. There has been lots of  fussing about the endless wait and The Shops has certainly lost some goodwill and credibility over the whole process. I’m not going into the business practice any further, I am sure you will all have your own opinion about it.

However, last week, finally, the waiting came to an end. Ok, they didn’t release SLink appliers, which I still think would be a good thing to do from a customer appreciation point of view, but The Shops has released a range of mesh heads that will work with all your previous The Shops purchases through a nifty, albeit initially somewhat bugged HUD and a set of complimentary hands and feet, which work through the same HUD.

I caved in and purchased one of the heads, the Soft one and started to play with it.  Picture heavy post below with my experiences.

The first image is how the face looks when you have applied all the features through the StyleMode HUD which I left visible on the screen shots. When you wear the head for the first time, it looks untextured. Then you pick one of the available faces (from the skins you have previously purchased, or from affiliated creators who will be making appliers)

As you can see… I did make quite some purchases over the time, and they will make the face look different, even though the base is all the same one.  Add some extra features, and you’re good to go!

Well… almost. As you can see on the bottom pic, in the full version there are some animation/emote option. This is not available in the static version which, in return,  is slightly less expensive.

Eyes open or closed (closed actually looks good!!!) mouth close, open, or open wide (although open wide is not much different from open) and the option to have the mouth move with typing (looks pretty mechanical, so I’m not a fan, but it’s nevertheless a nice feature) and the option to have your eyes blink or not. Seriously, This post would crash a feed on its own if I added pics for every option you have with this head, so I suggest to get a demo and play with it!

So good to go now? Hmm… As much as I like this head, because I do… there is future development to be done.

Above I quickly showed the HUD for the hands, currently working with all the The Shops skintones (and likely soon with affiliated creators who will provide their own appliers). Then upper right I went bald for you, because this head is beautiful bald.. and also shows one of the main issues for me. The ears… I cannot wear my elf ears with this head because I cannot make the mesh ears disappear. I’d love this to be changed!  Pretty please make them derezzable!
The main issue though is that this hair will not work with a lot of rigged mesh hair. Unless it’s BIG. The demo head is pretty much a mask and has no back, so I didn’t notice this while trying it on, but it’s a definite caveat! Also, even with the skin from The Shops and the matching The Shops skintone from the HUD, there is a distinct line between the head and the skin. Not nice for close ups, guys… please fix?? And while you’re at it.. make some universal hairbases? Some hairs just need that to look their best and we customers love looking our best!

Last but not least some pics of the feet (look at those, they look so soft.. like i am getting a pedi every day!)  and the hands, which are just lovely… nothing negative to say about those. The over all look is pretty. I do not regret the 5k expense for this head.


I will not buy one of the other heads until the current bugs are fixed,  because they diminish usability. When I spend 5k on a head, I want to be able to wear all the hair that I have with it, I want to be able to wear my ears and I don’t want any visible seams between my body parts.

If you guys have issues to report… please use the comments!

Other need to knows: all hair by LeLutka, eyes by Ikon, lingerie by Luxuria

11 thoughts on “The Shops: an adventure in mesh”

  1. First of all, nice review and summary!

    I love the ideas they came up with, but I noticed that very distinct line between head and skin, too, and not only on the head but as well on the hands. My friend wore their hands and there was a rather visible seam. Not only that, but also the hands very noticably lighter than the rest of the skin, as if they were one or two shades too light. All that in neutral WL, with and without local lights turned on.

    I hope they fix these bugs, because I am REALLY excited to see more hand and feet options on the market and I personally enjoy the texture and shape of these hands a LOT! 🙂

    1. I noticed the seam with the hands at first, too.. but that disappeared when I picked the right size for my shape in the modify section. I am not noticing a difference in skintones, but talking yesterday with Gos, we had to conclude that every monitor and every computer is different because I will ALWAYS see a huge difference when I try stocking appliers, and he doesn’t. Even with the same graphic settings… One of the quirks of SL, I suppose. One more reason to always try on a demo before buying!

      1. Demos is a must really, I agree. though in this case, we were five people and we all saw it. We tried the sizes, too, but none of them fit correctly, so that was a little sad. I personally always get grumpy when I have to adjust my shape, but damn, I might just cave and do it for those hands once they fit my Birdy skin. 😀

  2. Thanks for posting this Grazia

    I went over to demo today, which as usual was a giant saga, and couldn’t tell from the demo if you can make it individual or not, so if you got the soft version would my soft version look exactly the same or not, part of what puts me off about mesh heads is that you lose a lot of the uniqueness, I know you can change lipsticks and eyebrows and things, but what about lipshape or cheekbones?

    1. Hey Darkley.. no, you can’t actually change the head/lip/cheekbones shape, unless you’d buy one of the others… which.. yeah, no.. no way on earth for that price…….

  3. Thanks, yeah, thats why I’ve never gone down the mesh head route, I want to have a little control

    Nice idea, I just don’t understand why they make it so complicated – The shops, everything is such hard work, and will people really make shoes for their feet? I’ll stick to my slink feet and hands

  4. Hi, I also tried out this Meshhead (DEMO). Sure all the possibilities are amazing…especially you could use all the stuff you bought at the shops.So can look a little unique with this meshhead. But i couldn’t try out all i wanna do cause the Style-Hud is not really working for me. Maybe it’s extremly laggy or some other reasons .
    The fact is:
    parts are still “white” so I cant see how it really looks on me
    sometimes nothing changed when i used some of “the Shops” skins, Eybrows, Lipsticks i bought weeks ago so i couldn’t see how it will look….
    This options should be possible by using the “DEMO-Skins;Brows and so on” so you could see…

    I’m sure this head will be amazing….but before I choose one of the heads i wanna see how it looks on me….before I gonna buy a Mesh head for 5K i wanna see how i can use it, I wanna be very flexible to mix and match all i have to look best….but without hairbases??
    Without trying with a demo? (only the face-mask is not enough to try all out )

    I also found appliers at Deetalez for this Mesh head but they not selling yet till a working hud is available…

    So please fix some of this Issues and we all be happy about this new way to style

    1. I think that only the shops skins you already have will show up in the demo HUD? I’m not sure really, you should ask the shops representative about that.

      Deetalez apliers for the Shops head will actually premiere at Skin Fair, the Style HUD has nothing to do with that. I have used mine on several occasions.

      However, since SLink Visage came out, I think that is the better deal for mesh heads in SL, more affordable with only 2250, and a more open approach to other content creators who want to make applier for the heads. (The Shops forbidding creators to use the 3rd party textures for their mesh heads for heads from other brands as well)

      Last butn ot least… it’s not up to me to fix things.. I merely pointed them out 😛

      1. Hi Grazia,

        sorry i dont mean youz to fix things of the shops….only wanna write some thought 😉
        I got the Slink-Mesh-Head and yesterday i fixed the trouble with the demo from the shops.

        It’s working now for me and i bought one of the heads.
        Well the Idea of the shops-heads are really good, only the cost are …phuuuu…but ok, so it is.
        I’m sure a lot…a lot of work to do to create this system.

        Hope more designer will sell appliers for the head. Deetalez offering so much skins and appliers so if the shops do not sell aplliers for the hands and feets of Slink, maybe we take the appliers of deetalez (and hopefully other skincreators) for the head….if it’s possible someday…so the head, body and hands+feet+lola+azz-appliers will all match together


  5. theShop Mesh heads are obviously pretty but their heads are expensive and not animated, lacks expressions and their HUD are not easy to use, confusing at times and for some reason makes me laggy 🙁
    i love my sLink heads though..

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