The Arcade is coming… and Mimi is in it!

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I don’t have much patience to play with all the adorable stuff that is always in The Arcade. I am so jealous of people who make the cutest quirky pics which you can see in the Arcade Flickr group, but that doesn’t mean I am not enthusiastic about this event. It’s one that I always look forward to. Especially, and this won’t come as much of a surprise to you, I love the skins that are going to be in it!!

Like Mimi, from Belleza. 15 lovely and all wearable make ups in various Belleza skintones with plenty of layers for personalizing (freckles, lip gloss, hair bases etc). There are 3 rares, which are are the first three shown in below picture, and the rest are commons!




The Arcade will open on March 1st!

Other need to knows: hair Luella by Truth, eyes Promise by Ikon

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