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Synergy by Opium face, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

A couple of months ago, Alaska Metropolitan asked a few people if we’d like to beta test her new skins. Being the total skin whore that I am, I didn’t know how fast to say “I Do!”. Now the invitation came with a warning, this was not the average SL skin like you buy it everywhere… this involved downloading and fiddling with the SL folders on your computer and, oh Lordy, I’m such a coward when it comes to that. On top of everything I was having some serious hardware issues at that time, and using a computer that was not mine, so downloading and replacing wasn’t even an option.

But… hardware issues are there to be resolved, and I’m back on my own computer.. and I honestly pretty much forgot about Synergy, until I started to clean up the mess that my inventory usually is, and retrieved Alaska’s folder from the clutter.

Following the instructions on the notecard, the download, renaming and replacing of the skin files in the SL program folder was actually less complicated than I feared it to be. After I did that, I went back into SL, and chose create>new skin from my inventory, and there she was… Synergy, by Opium… I had replaced the LL default skin with Alaska’s textures and had the best system skin ever (on the photo to the lower right corner).

Now having the default skin, adding make ups is what makes this interesting, because Alaska’s make ups are on the head template So, when you would normally wear a skin , you’d wear an assembled head/upperbody/lowerbody skin, but in Synergy’s case, you’re wearing a head “tatoo”and for the rest you still see the “default” synergy skin that you have on your harddisk. Are you still with me? I hope Alaska will release these skins soon, because you’ll really want to try this out. And ofcourse there will be more skintones available then, and the make ups you’ll buy will be coming in light skin and dark skin versions, the hue and saturation adjusted to the skintone of your choice. All in all there will be a whopping 1728 options to customise your skin from for the basic skins alone, chosing hair colour, freckles, eyebrow shape, skintones, pubes, tanlines etc etc (24 head options X 4 upper body options X 18 lower body options) and about 50 make ups on top of that!  

Body works after the cut….


The body is a pleasure to look at. Over all it has a very lovely shading, a well toned stomach, but sans 6-pack, a cute belly button, not too dark, rosy nipples, which are not obscenely detailed. For the beta skin, I went for the trimmed version, which indeed is neatly groomed. Feet and hands are really well done, with the nails on the hands having a pretty buff. The back is my favourite part of many a skin, and this one is no exeption. Synergy has a lovely back, with a well defined spine, impeccable shoulderblades, dimples, and a nice round bum.

Pretty positive, right? Yeah, I love this skin.. but I am worried about just a one thing…. What will happen if you switch between viewers… When I switched to the RC at first it showed perfectly… much to my surprise but when I changed in and out of Synergy it showed the dark original LL skin under the make up. UGH… /note to self.. replace in every alternative viewer, kthxbai. Alternatively… what will happen if you play SL from several computers? I haven’t tried that yet… but it will sure be an interesting experiment, once I can hijack Mr. Horwitz’ computer.
I don’t think the skin files will be overwritten when you update your normal viewer, so that shouldn’t be a problem though.

Synergy by Opium is not available at this point. I don’t often write a full review on a beta, but I think this skin is cute enough, and the system cool enough to deserve the exposure.

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  1. Actually, the files will be replaced when updating the viewer, so I have the base files stuffed in a “!!copy & paste!!” template folder along with some Windlight settings to copy into any freshly installed or updated viewer… main LL, LL RC, CoolViewer 1.19, CoolViewer 1.22, Imprudence… that’s quite some copy work to do.

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