Surf & Co. skins


surf & Co faces, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Baby Oil, SPF 4, SPF 15, Zinc Oxide… these are the names of the tones of the new skins that Emma Gilmour released over at Surf & Co. In her lovely mainstore on the Artilleri sim, she has these on display. They come in 8 make ups each, with fun names like Gone Surfin’ , Italian Ice and Flipflops. This is a skin with an ultra drawn, cartoonish look, it’s fun and it’s lovely.


You don’t want this skin for the body, not because it’s done badly, but because there simply isn’t much detailing. There are hints of shading, the belly and breasts actually done nicely, but without much detailing, and the same goes for the back. What is there in shading is done well, but it’s all vague. The lower body has even lesser detailing and shading than the upper body part, which is quite visible under the bellybutton. Not as a seam, but the skin texture just gradually fades out.

Do I mind? Uhm.. well, yes… I’d love to see a next version of these skins with a little more body definition. Do I regret spending 750 L$ per skin? Not at all! I like the faces, and they’ll be fun to wear!

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