Stop the Presses!


Beauty Avatar has been a presence for about 2 years in SL now, with a growing skin inventory and apparently a dito client base. I’ll be very honest with you all. It’s one of the brands I couldn’t care less about. The skins were totally unappealing to me, and so is their brand image… but…, credits where credits are due, their current skin Daria is fast becoming one of my favourites (ok… for what that’s worth, because I fave skins like a teenager has crushes, another one every week… or even multiples a week).

Seriously though, I’ve tried both their latest releases, Zeta and Daria, and whereas Zeta to me still has that sad, spoiled, face ( it’s the highlight on the mouth causing that expression)  Daria is serene pixelfied sophistication. Yes, I’m in love… and if, like me, you never were a fan before… I can recommend you to go at least try a demo.

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