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Hi again! I promised a more in depth post about the new SLink Visage mesh head, so here I am, happily playing my Saturday away with this pretty new toy and all the options. In the image above, I am wearing the head as is. It comes with a series of fitted shapes, base skins in the 3 tones you also see on the left (make up) HUD, the Expressions HUD and a series of (combined) alpha layers as well as a nifty notecard which redirects you to the user guide. READ IT!

Before we get to the other pretty faces from creators who have already released their appliers, I’d like to discuss the head as is, first.  Let me start with saying it exceeds my expectations. It’s basically flawless. As you can see, 3 skintones to start with, I can imagine more tones added in the future, 6 different lipsticks, 4 different eye brows and 6 eye shadows to play with.  Also, the lashes are tintable, which is just a lovely extra. Here we have one of my few points for improvement though, and that’s the lashes looking somewhat clumpy due to them being full mesh. Also, you cannot turn them off, so adding your own, favorite lashes is not an option. Not something I can’t live with though :).
On the expressions HUD besides said expressions which are awesome and fun to play with, there is an option to turn the blinking of the eyes on and off, a button to shut the eyes (lashes moving with them, which you won’t have when you could add your own) and an option to turn the ears on or off. This is a great feature because it will allow you to add your own, but it’d be even greater if turning them off wouldn’t leave you with 2 holes in your head which are not exactly covered by most of my elven ears!
The head doesn’t come with eyes, so you can add any one you like, which again, I think is awesome. You may have to adjust your shape a bit to make them fit, but the customer service page will walk you through that as well.

Lat but not least, with a price of L$ 2.250 it’s more affordable than many of the other heads currently available.

Then on to the available appliers. In my previous post I was wearing the Deetalez Viola applier, which I think for now is my personal favorite.

It comes in the regular Deetalez skintones, Nordic is the one I usually wear and when you buy the applier you also get a body base, so even if you have never owned a Deetalez skin before, you’re good to go. Deetalez offers 7 different eyebrow colors to pick from and has a free make up HUD available with for now 3 lipsticks, and a cute freckle option. Obviously the intention is to have more make ups and skin appliers available with time.
The Deetalez applier retails for L$ 1.099, which is not exactly cheap, but then again with the free basic make up HUD, it’s worth the expense!

Izzie Button from Izzie’s also has a first applier out, based on her Maci skin.
Izzie’s is by far the most complete set out for now. The single skintone applier (upper part of the HUDs)  and the make up HUD (lower one) are being sold separately, but YAY, hair bases! (Izzie, please make me a silver one, too!) 5 hairbases are available for now, and 4 different eyebrow colors. With the skin applier you also get a basic body in the skintone you’ve purchased, or rather, you get 2, with normal and push up cleavage. On the skin HUD you also have 4 different lip options, from matte to vinyl gloss.
The make up HUD has 19 lipsticks and 3 eye make ups, grouped per eyebrow color.

The skin applier HUD is L$ 599 and the make up HUD is 399. This makes Izzie’s also the best deal.

Last but not least, Curio has an applier out for the SLink head.

While Curio usually is too young looking for me, I must admit that this Emma applier is by far the most adult looking skin I have ever seen from Gala Phoenix. One big no no in this applier set is that there is no base skin included, so unless you have previously purchased one of Gala’s newest skins, you won’t have a matching skin base to wear this face with. *points at self*  But for the sake of this comparison, I am still glad I purchased it and idk, maybe Gala will send out a base to the people who have purchased the applier already… or at least I hope so.
There are 4 different eyebrows and 5 eye makeups to chose from in the HUD, 6 different cheeks, going from a subtle blush, to adorable freckles which I am wearing here and 6 different lip sticks, which make the expense of L$ 1.500 somewhat justifiable (I mean, c’mon Gala lipsticks are epic!)


Adam ‘n Eve also have a set of appliers out which match Emma flawlessy.

Sachi Vixen, known for some of the best asses and sensual faces in SL has created Carolyn for the SLink Visage range in 4 skin tones. I am wearing no. 2 here and as you can see, the HUD is very complete with 6 lipsticks, 3 blushes, freckles and moles options as well as 5 eye make ups and a bare version for each of the 3 eye brow colors. With this HUD you also get a base skin and a cleavage version of the base skin as well as a cleavage de-hancer on the undershirt layer, for those of us who prefer a less busty look.
The Adam ‘n Eve appliers retail for L$ 1.600  which puts it in the same price range as Curio, but in my opinion, it gives better value for money!

There… that’s it for now. Please feel free to share your own experiences with the head and the appliers in the comments. As always, keep it decent and constructive, so I won’t have to grit my teeth and moderate!

5 thoughts on “SLink mesh head: face off”

  1. I am really loving the idea of the mesh head and the customization options that come with it. When one comes out that feels “more me” I may wear one. It still weirds me out a bit that someone could have my exact same face.

  2. I don’t really like the head. I tried to, and tried lots of appliers but the lips and nose look the same no matter what I try. It also looks slightly lifeless and more like a mask. It’s really weird since most mesh heads I have tried turned out to look natural. I still prefer the regular heads, the faces just look alot better. Plus ultimately the face on the mesh is what the creator thinks is pretty but it’s not always the case. The real issue though is it looks like a creepy mask. I think the mesh head creators should just focus on making better and cheaper skins.

  3. Curio’s applier does include a base skin now. It’s a no makeup version of her Nadia skin. You might wanna ask her to pass you an update 🙂

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