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My utmost respect to Ms. Siddean Munro for her innovative force and ability to up the game of the SL creators over and over again.
After the brilliant hands and feet with the possibility for skin creators to make appliers for them and enable a flawless skin match for their mutual customers, SLink now brings us a mesh head with not only the OPTION for appliers, but already teamed up with a couple of SL’s finest to have their appliers ready at the launch of the head, just about one hour ago. Of course the textures that come with the head are awesome too, since Siddean has released more than just a couple of skins in the past herself. The lady knows what she’s doing!

As with all SLink products, the head is easy to use (that is… if you take 5 minutes to read up on the very clear and concise user info. If you don’t.. well then you deserve no better than to have a frustrating time figuring it out.. but you likely won’t have that either because it’s really very intuitive to use)

This is just a quickie, because I have a lot of things to do today, and so I took a couple of raw shots wearing the Emma head with Deetalez Viola appliers.

Among the creators who have appliers ready you will find: Adam ‘n Eve, Izzie’s and Deetalez.

Other need to knows: Hair Low by Tableau Vivant for C88, eyes Promise by Ikon, necklace Charmed by Cae

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