Skin/shape expo: Various skins


A quickie blog post to share some more of the skin/shape expo. Imandra Wycliffe, creator of [42] produces line after line of affordable, gorgeous skins. Fugue is the latest of them They come in some bold make ups, making these good for costuming, but also the natural version I’m wearing here is very pretty.
Next to that is skin no. 63 from D-skin. I heard rumours a while ago that DynamiteTanaka Payne had left second life, but this and other new skins from his hand at the expo proof those rumours wrong. D-skin has always made some of the cutest faces around, and no. 63 is no exception.
Heather Beebe from Rockberry is becoming a solid name in the skin market. After the smashing succes that Uma was, now she introduces Farrah. It’s a beautiful sophisticated face, slightly more mature than Uma, but absolutely radiant.
Last but not least, there is Orchid from relatively new skinmaker Myrtle Spyker. Her brand SkinTight is still quite new, but in this short time Myrtle has shown creativity and has been growing a lot. Orchid has an overall pleasant body and some really pretty make ups which, unlike some skins, work well with default lights as well. Also, her molten metal skins are really worth trying!

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