Skin/Shape Expo: Belleza's Jesse

click here for more make ups
click here for more make ups

Belleza’s Tricky Boucher did it again. Last year he won me over with Bella, and now he releases Jesse at the skin/shape expo.  She’s gorgeous. I bought one fatpack when I was at the expo earlier, but while taking piccies, … I got greedy.. but now the expo is full and I can’t get back in for more!!!!! :-(. There are 2 skint tones available at the expo, this sunkissed, and a darker tan, I don’t even know right now how many make ups there are for Jesse, other than I bought make up 12-15, so there4 are at least 15 :-). It’s a must try, k?

direct TP to Belleza at the expo:

Skin/Shape Fair

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