Skins: Yummies From Aura and The Body Co.



Any day that I try on 2 skins right after another and get twice the “oh wow” feeling is a good day!! It’s what happened today over breakfast when I tried on Aura’s Briar and then heard of a new skin at The Body Co. and found Lilac. With a wee tweak on the mouth from my default shape (which I wear with PXL’s beta skin Kate), I think these 2 skins look pretty fabulous on me.

Taxi to Aura
Taxi to The Body Co.

2 thoughts on “Skins: Yummies From Aura and The Body Co.”

  1. I completely agree, the skin from body co. looks amazing on your avatar! I normally don’t dig the shading because I think they can be heavy along the sides but this post really makes me want to go look. I’d stick with that skin if you were looking for a new look, it looks great!

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