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When BoM was first introduced, a bunch of us hurried to dig into our inventories to find back our old favourites to try on our modern mesh heads. Some attempts successful, others… ermmm… not so much. I did my fair share of going down memory lane with old skins and while a lot of them bring back sweet memories of the good ole days of pre-mesh SL, honestly, most of them looked pretty cringe-worthy when compared to the current standard of things.

However, this one has stand the test of time pretty well and honestly I wish the creator would consider dipping their toes back into skin making. The brows definitely need an overhaul, and so does the body to make it ready for the various mesh bodies, but other than that, even texturewise it does not disappoint +/- 10 years after it was first created.

Let’s play a game: Do you recognise this skin? Let me know in the comments! I’m doing a 1000 L$ gift card giveaway for your favourite brand among those who guess both the brand and the skin name correct. Please mention your SL name, so that I can find you in world! I will draw a winner on November 1

Hair S15 by Barber Yumyum
Mesh head Fleur by Lelutka
Skin…. guess!
Eyes Dollie by Heaux
Top Tess by Giz Seorn

And as always, stay safe and be kind to each other! ♥

PS: no make up layers on this skin. All make up is on the actual skin itself.

4 thoughts on “Skin Nostalgia & a giveaway”

    1. hey Sparkely, you guessed the brand right so that is closest to the actual response.
      The skin is Indie: Plain Jane by Tres Blah. Please leave your SL name, and for which shop you would like the gift card in the comments so that I can contact you in world for your prize!


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