Skin Fair Previews: Maan (updated) by Dutch Touch


When you have made so many skins over the last year as Iki from Dutch Touch did, you sometimes look back at your earlier work and decide that it’s no longer up to your current standards, or you have to “sacrifice” older skins for the sake of prim count and space for newer skins in your shop. Maan was  first released a year ago on Valentine’s day, and on Skin Fair Iki will present to you the new and improved Maan v2! Better and more beautiful than ever, and mysterious as she has always been!

other need to knows: Hair Lotus by Maitreya, racerback tank by Surf Co.

2 thoughts on “Skin Fair Previews: Maan (updated) by Dutch Touch”

  1. ty but is useless everyone tells us to go to the skin fair when is organized SO badly that only 50 avatars are allowed… better close it and thats all

  2. YSW.. for your info, Skin Fair is running from Feb 20 through March 6, and usually only the first 2 days or so are difficult to get in. Actually, the site is very well set up and a max of 50 avatars will ensure that who is in the sim, can have a somewhat pleasant shopping experience. 80 avs would be too little on the first 2 days as well, so don’t hate on the organisers for the lag and the limits. Instead take some milk chocolate… makes you sweeter and not so bitter.

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