Skin Fair 2008


My friend and awesome photographer Carl Crabe by now is fully stressed out from getting 68 skinmakers to set up their booths in time, staying within prim limits and using the smallest possible textures to make it possible for YOU, the skin lovers around, to visit this first ever skin fair in SL and it is going to be awesome. Established and new skinmakers alike will showcase a plethora of amazing skins. Some of them will have some novelties to share with you, so make sure you do visit the event. Big hug for you Carl, and of course for the people who worked with you on this.
Now, no worries, you will have plenty of time to go there, as it will run for over a month, but still I would like to extent a heart felt reqest to all of you… when you visit the site, please do not load yourself with prims, ao’s, bling (yes.. ppl still use bling), and other scripted, lag inducing thingies. The orgainisation and the creators have done their utmost to limit lag, please show respect by doing just the same.

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