Shoujo Spring



Mmmm… newness at Fleur makes me happy… especially when it’s newness in the Shoujo line, which currently is my favourite at Fleur. I just love the smooth and soft features of these skins. Roslin and CJ have created 6 new lovely make ups for this season, with soft pinks, sheer blues and powdery peach colours. 


The body on this skin is the new  Shoujo body, as it was introduced late last year. The soft glow, the handpainted look and the level of detail on this body makes Shoujo a worthy alternative for those of you who do not pursue the current trend for hyper realism and shine. And on another level, I hear many people complaining these days that everyone seem to use the same references, whether they were legally acquired or not, well… The creators of Fleur have been on a quest for references NOT used by everyone and their mom, making Fleur skins some of the most authentic and original skins available.


Hair: Alicia by Truth,  eyes by Miabella Foxely (don’t even know if she sells them, but she should!), face shots made with the Filtercam from Mechanized Life (Codie rulez!)

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