Shai’s Song

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No, Ms Shai Delacroix  has not taken on a new career path in music, but one of her latest skins, which have made their debut at this year’s edition of skin fair is called Song. I am currently wearing Song Ling and these skins are completely hand painted.  You definitely will want to demo it before buying because it’s not your typical skin fits all skin. I had to tweak my shape a fair bit in order to make it work. But if you do, you will have some unique character skins available from one of SL’s most creative artists. The eyebrows btw, are on a tattoo layer. The default eyebrows are not as wild.

To match the look I went back to Tukinowaguma for the first time in years and omg, do they have quite a collection of Asian and artsy hair!!!! I’m wearing their Coage hair with Asagumo accesory.  My eyes are Horizon from Ikon and the kimono Ohka is from Barerose.

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