Rapture: New Skin @ Exile


When I started to unpack all all 8 make ups in 5 skintones and  tried the first one of Exile‘s new skins on, my initial thought was… “hmm… I don’t think this skin is for me” . Some of the stronger make ups look a little weird on me, just… not… me… (which may sound weird considering I wear a lot of different skins and have no issue adjusting my shape, but still).

But then, going through the make ups, I noticed that the softer lip colours were actually looking not bad. Not bad at all. Rapture gives my avie a more mature look, without the skin issues that usually go with an aging skin. So I went into appearance and tweaked my shape a little bit (pic of Rapture on my normal shape aside to the tweaked shape for comparison below) and I pretty much like the result.

Rapture is one of those skins that for me look great from a distance, but once you zoom in, the body shading that gives the over all definition, looks a bit harsh. For instance, Kavar added some shadow under the arm, which on the full body pic looks really good and natural, but when you zoom in… it’s really just a dark and somewhat blurred spot in the elbow pit. But since a lot of my fellow skinwhores frequently state that  it’s really about the face, I think this will not be a major issue. Also I am not a fan of the knees, which do look a bit like my RL age.

On the other hand, I really love the slightly desaturated skintones. Out with the orange self tan looks!! In with the natural skintones!!

Go try a demo for yourself!

NB portrait image is post processed

Exile's Rapture Body
Left: Rapture on my default shape, right: on tweaked shape

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