Preview Skin/shape expo: Tuli's Bella

click here for a preview of all skin tones and make ups
click here for a preview of all skin tones and make ups

I got the chance to visit the skin/shape expo today and while some merchants are still setting up, it looked very promising already. Thanks to the simple modern white build of the expo, everything rezzed pretty fast, and that is encouraging for when the expo actually opens.  I spent way too much on skin already, and if I have enough time over the weekend, I will share some of my thoughts on the skins and shapes on display, but right now I want to share Tuli’s newest addition to her skin range with you. She has teased us with it on the blog several times already, but now there is a fist release:  Bella Natural, in 5 skintones, 3 cleavages and 4 eyebrow colours and 3 additional make ups. Please click the picture to preview them all.

Skin/Shape expo opens tomorrow… don’t miss out!

Skin/Shape Fair

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