Preview PXL Creations:Jude



This is the first time I practically begged Hart to send me samples of a skin.  And a male skin too…. Ok, I admit, usually I don’t beg at all, because we have this understanding that works out just fine: he sends me samples for my opinion and I drive him crazy with my feed back. But I don’t know anything about male skins, so this has really been his private project. I even only saw it for the very first time when it was well on it’s way already.  First time I saw Hart in this skin, I was like… “wtf are you wearing…? That’s gorgeous…” And then I drooled some, I swear. By now the skintones are final (summer, autumn, winter and spring), and Hart will be working on the hair options. For sure this skin will come with a hairbase, for the other options, I’m still clueless, but I will keep you guys posted.


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