Lily Was Here


Well, she is, not was… but the name of this skin triggered some musical memories: Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer

It’s fun to follow a creator in their new ventures, especially when they are talented like Ms Ryker Beck from Exodi.  Ever since she has created her first skin a couple of months ago, she’s been a force to reckon with, and with the realisation of Lily, her latest, I think it’s fair to say that she has deserved a place between the more seasoned skinners of SL.

Whereas a lot of people, who also do well in retail, and are blogged frequently, for me remain mediocre and produce skin with a lot of flaws and issues (but the face is cute, so who cares that the body is full of seams and the textures don’t match and the make up is a tad smudged and blotchy, right?) Ryker has been working her ass off to make every skin better, ironing out the things that she felt could be done better in her previous skins, and give every new skin which she creates a character of its own. Pooping rainbows much? Well, I think it’s some well earned praise for someone who’s working hard, and has made huge steps in the development of her product.

Lily is a beautiful skin, combining realism with the smoothness of a hand drawn skin. There probably will be some photosourcing in Lily, but it’s very well blended and never hard or ugly. Lily comes in 4 skintones, like shown on the above picture, and 8 different make ups… or should I say 16, as every make up has a faded version included in the pack as well?  Also, Ryker is known to make pretty dark eyebrows, but for the more fair haeded she includes a light brow version as well. Anyway, they are beautiful,  and they’re also a good deal. Retailing at 800L$ for a single skin (4 really, since you get the regular and the faded make up, in the dark and light eyebrow version) it’s really value for money and the fatpack for 5000 L$ for all 8 make ups in a skintone equals L$ 625 for a single skin.

Bootie shot after the cut, because Lily has a cute bum, and because this skin is about more than just the face!

Aside from  the pretty face, this skin as a killer body as well. I especially like the back, which looks like there is actually a little meat on the bones. It’s all well defined and, again, smooth as I like it to be. I know that’s a personal preference, and that some of you will not agree with me, but I don’t want to see the cellulite of the photosource on my SL thighs… I have enough of that in my RL (yup…. I’m human).

As usual, a pack of Exodi skins (single and fat alike) will also include the cute itty bitty belly ring, Ryker’s lovely au naturel eyes, a tintable glove base for prim nails, and for those of you who do not like the full brasilian of Lily, a tintable landingstrip on both the underpants and the pants layer.

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  1. Hello, Could you please tell me where you got that lovely windblown long hair…..I would like to find that hair and I will most certainly check out the skins.

  2. Sure! All hair in this post is from Exile. The wind blown hair is exclusively available at Rezzable’s Black Swan til August 17. After that.

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