Portia @ Adam 'n Eve


Click photo to view more make ups
Click photo to view more make ups

I’m so glad Sachi finally decided to put Portia in the shop at Adam ‘n Eve,because she’s been in my inventory for a while now, but Sachi asked me not to use her yet. Portia is a really sultry lady, with a gorgeous, toned body and a plethora of make ups. I’m just showing you a few, because since Sachi sent me her samples, she’s been adding more make ups to the selection, but I will just have to go her shop after work to make me a fatpack with my favourite make ups. That’s another cool development. Sachi has this brand new vendor system that allows you to pick your own fat pack selection with a special group discount if you wear your group tag on top of the normal convenient fat pack deal!!

Click the photo to view more make ups.

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