Plush & Magazine @ M&R Cupcakes


Rosemary Galbraith and Mimi Coral at M&R Cupcakes have new additions to their skinlines AND are having a sale… the Birthdaysuit skins are 50% off at L$ 500 and the new skins are only L$ 800 (20% off) til this weekend.

Having said that, I went totally broke on their new skins. Although one brand, the ladies have been working separately on these new additions. Plush is Rosemary’s new brain child and Magazine is the latest creation from Mimi.
Here are some photos (yeah.. I’m showing off my latest buys)

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  1. Hi hi.. the hair on no. 2 is from MMS, and the hair on no. 4….. I don’t remember… I would have to go through my hair folders, hopefully I’ll find it.

    /me takes mental note to post credits also on photo’s

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