Please Nena!

[UPDATE] Nena sent out this message to her subscribo group:

*League* Skin Taylor in Blonde?
And finally, regarding *League* Skin Taylor -I said last week that it was *unlikely* that I would do the whole line in Blonde- well that seemed to have got a few people (quote) “shaking little fists” at me, and we cant have that! So, yes there will be more Blonde Taylors, they should be out within the month AND that those who bought/buy the Feline WILL BE REFUNDED their single skin purchase if they decide to buy the Fatpack containing that skin.
Dont worry about transaction histories either-all transactions are saved and searcheable at my end by name.
Nena x
and yes… I’m vain enough to think that my tiny fist has contributed to this as well! 🙂 Thanks Nena!!

Taylor, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

This is a quote from the release notecard Nena Janus from League sent out to her subscribo group:

*League* Skin Taylor -Feline- in Blonde!

I got so many requests for a blonde version of Taylor, it looks unlikely that Il do the whole line but I had to do at least one for you, so here it is, with all the options youd expect of the Taylor range: Hairbase (in Blonde), Freckles and Cleavage Options- 8 skins in each pack, 4 skin tones available: Pale, Medium, Sunkiss and Suntan

The skin is available at Harajuku Box skin faire, and to me it is not clear whether or not after the fair, this skin will be still available, so I can only recommend you to go get it while it’s out there.

I really, REALLY would like to shout out to Nena though for a full range of Taylor skins with blonde eyebrows. It is such a pretty face and just the Feline make up is not enough.

So, if you want more blonde skins from League as well, leave a comment with your full avatar name and show Nena how many people want this.

8 thoughts on “Please Nena!”

  1. YES YES YES .. I had sent Nena several IM’s – offering everything except the lil men, Big Man, and lil dogs.. all 6 –

    This skin is pure deliciousness, and being a blonde, the dark haired Taylor just did not work.. to the point I was thinking long and hard on going BACK to the darker hair –

    I purchased all 4 tones at hbox- scared that I would miss out on them once the fair ended.

    Nena – please – make the full line of makeups


  2. Ive already begged and pleaded but am tossing my name in again saying yes yes yes please Nena.

  3. oh yes, PLEASE! i adore taylor, but am bleached-out blonde 99.9999% of the time and the dark eyebrows just don’t work as well. i would fatpack in .2 seconds flat if more makeups were released with blonde brows <33

  4. After reading that nc I was actually a bit shocked at her not planning on releasing a blonde version! I had been waiting patiently. Please Nena, make a light version, and ehr.. start with the natural make up 🙂

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