Nightlife @ Chai

Click pic for all the make ups
Click pic for all the make ups

In RL I love Shu Uemura and MAC make up. Both brands use premium pigments and their pressed eye shadows and blushers and such will last you a century. Aside from that, even while the colours may look quite bold in their boxes, they will leave a subtle but deep shade on your eye lid or cheek… until you make your brush or applicator wet and apply it like that, then the full electric colour fest will be revealed and it’s that way you create the best evening make ups.

That’s the effect you get with Chai‘s Nightlife make ups. They are eclectic, electric, bold and chic. For a night on the town, for a smoldering look, instense, mesmerising. 6 Exquisiste make ups in this series and of course like with all the Chai Nova skins, the lips and the eyebrows are moddable. Check Launa’s blog for the latest news on Chai skins and her other products!

(Lingerie: Lovelace; hair: Decoy)

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