New skins out @ La Sylphide: Claire


It must have been around last summer that Stephanie Misfit was teasing all of her plurk buddies with some images of a skin she was working on, and then… it took until today for Claire to hit the store! Out today at La Sylphide, Claire, a lovely, soft looking skin with luscious, shiny lips and some beautiful eye make ups. I admire Steph for making some of the most elegant faces around. Claire comes in 3 skin tones, I’m showing you the lightest here.

La Sylphide skins are a wonderful solution for skin lovers on a budget. These are not frankensteined, original skins for a totally affordable price of 600 L$ for a single skin, and only 2k L$ for a fatpack of all 8 make ups in a skin tone

visit La Sylphide @ Imogen

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