New make ups for Cupcakes' Enchanted skin

click picture for a slideshow of all new make ups
click picture for a slideshow of all new make ups

Rose and Mimi from <3 Cupcakes have added 10 new delicious make ups to their Enchanted skin line. I couldn’t resist getting the fatpack for a number of reasons:

1) they’re pretty!!

2) they are SO pretty!!

3) they are only 3000 L$ for the fatpack of 10 make ups

4) they REALLY are pretty!!

5) Cupcakes currently has a 60% (!) off card sale… so, pay 3.600 for a card.. and you can buy up to 9.000 on anything in the shop (or buy a smaller card and yet you will be able to buy a lot 🙂 )

… I did mention the prettiness… did I?

Other than Cupcakes Enchanted I’m wearing Truth’s Heidi hair in walnut and the new lounging set from Elymode (snuggly must have!). The cherry blossom tattoo is from Aitui

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  1. yeshhhhh… the fabulous eues are from Chai… Launa Fauna rocks, and since Miriel closed her shop, Launa’s eyes are default on my avie… colour may vary, but 9 out of 10 posts, I bet I’m wearing Chai eyes 😀

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