New @ KA Designs: Skins Bardot, Agnes


I find myself wearing KA Designs‘ skins more and more often. They have the right amount of realism and softness for me. New in the Bardot range is Agnes, with a gorgeous face on a stunning body. Seriously, I’ve been scrutinizing this skin, and there is literally 1 thing that I found less appealing to me… Agnes has a torn cuticle. Yes, the skin is that good, that my only issue with it is that she could use some cuticle cream… on 1 finger (ok… on both digits, but that is because the SL upper body template has only one arm to work with)

There are 9 make ups plus a bare skin in every one of the 3 skintones. I binged on the pale fat pack, which I think is not really pale, but oh well. Then they all come in 2 hair colours and a hair and non hairbase version. I know that, if you are a hardcore blonde, you couldn’t care less about the black and the brown hair/brow version, but for a chameleon like yours truly, it’s really value for money. There are also 3 hair pieces for this skin. They are done well, but I still think it looks odd  on a hairbase. Maybe because I don’t really care for the hairbase option anyway.

Other assets: Lingerie by Blowpop, hair by Truth, eyes by PXL Creations

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