New @ Cupcakes!: Seduction


Seduction face, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

You may have seen this skin on me in the last couple of blogposts already, but I’m seriously infatuated with the pretty face of Mimi and Rosemary’s latest addiditon to their skin range. Seduction came, saw and conquered me right on the spot when I first put the wheat skin tone of the generous group gift on. Right now there are 10 make ups available for each of the 8 skintone, most of them are pretty soft and girly. Mimi and Rose have promised more make-ups though, and I am curious to see them.

I’m showing you the gift skin here, as I only managed just now to go to Le Zoo and pick up 2 more skins, the Natural and the Retro, which are yummy as well.


Now on to the body works. Whereas it’s over all a nice body, it’s not my fave. The highlights are a bit to harsh for that, as you can see on the photo that shows my back. As are some of the details on for instance the hands. I do like the breasts and the shoulder blades on Seduction, and the clavicles are more than decent too. It’s not the smoothest body, but ah…. the face… that really won me over this time…

As always, for your TP’s

Other things: Face shots taken with Codie’s Filtercam, hair from ETD, Chel in Espresso (hairband retectured and tinted), Lace Lingerie in olive from Popfuzz and Maitreya’s lime Slinky Stilettos

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