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The day Tricky Boucher from Belleza releases a new skin, is a happy day in my SL.  He pays so much attention to his bodies, it’s a pleasure to scrutinize them. What I like best? Mhmm… call me a weirdo, but in this skin, I’m just obsessed with the back of the legs. They look so good, I’d kill to have legs like these in RL!

Anyway, before I start rambling over body details, lets skip to some more important things. I’ve heard people saying already that the dark tan isn’t dark enough, but look at these eyebrows (and the hairbase version of this skin) Erika is a blonde girl. Make the dark tan any darker, and you’d get some kind of tanorexic. If you’re looking for a really nice dark tan, you might want to try Elle, one of Belleza’s previous skins.

Speaking of Elle, another comment heard was that Erika looks just like Elle. I beg to differ… and you may too, after you see the pic below

Yes, you can see they are both Belleza… like you can see 2 Glam Affair skins and know they are the same brand, or Laqroki, or Curio.. or any consistent skin brand in SL, but  Erika is clearly different. NB these pics have been taken with the same shape, light, camera distance etc etc.

And last but not least, mandatory body shot… again… look at those legs 🙂

Erika comes in 6 skintones, with 20 make up options, hairbase/cleavage options and 8 lipstick tattoos. The fatpacks will be on sale for the extra low price of 5000 L$ from now til January 24, 2011.

If you are on a budget, you can always consider to join the Belleza in world update group (especially now that we have 42 group slots!) You will pay a one time fee of  250, but Tricky is known to be generous at skin releases, and currently there is an Erika group gift in the notices so it’s really worth it.

Taxi to Belleza

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