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It’s been one of those weeks… so many new (to me) skins around. They all look very different on me, but they all have that “hot damn” effect.

First, there is Blowpop’s Elizabeth, 10 new make ups are available, in the 4 skintones. Elizabeth, for me, is a bit of an English Rose kind of girl. So rosy pale that she’s diaphanous. Every skin in this line comes with a subtle and a bolder make up. I must admit, I like the subtle make ups better on Elizabeth.
Then there is Très Blah‘s skin Girly Chic, shown here in tan, Cotton Candy. Being fully handdrawn, this skin may lack the realism some of you want in SL skin, but I totally dig this. It’s adding a lot of character to the SL avatar, and the mouth is just so kissable. I don’t give a damn that this skin has no private bits, as I heard some people complaining in the shop. If you go for that, yeah, then Très Blah is not your next favourite skin, but if you’re looking for something new in the drawn look skin tradition, Juliette Westerburg’s are so worth a go.
Last, there is Aimesi‘s Jezzy in Sun, face 5. She is such a beach girl. She’s all healthy looking and glowing. The body is not highly detailed, but it’s well blended, and seam free. I wish the nails on this skin were looking a bit better though… they are a bit blue-ish, you know… like when your hands get really cold.. but that doesn’t match the summer tan look of this skin. Other than that… really cute!

Other need to knows: wearing Tiny Bird’s Swirley hair in Brownie and Coco’s black Long sleeves sweater and PXL’s glow eyes Aqua large

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