More New @ Dutch Touch: Isis


Mmmmm…. more gorgeous skins over at Dutch Touch!! I have shown Isis a couple of times as a preview over the past week, but now she’s out and Iki went loose again on some gorgeous make ups! What I admire most about Dutch Touch skins is Iki’s ability to create crisp textures with a lot if definition in both face and body, without ever looking hard. There isn’t a harsh shading to be found in any of her skins. And, like Gogo states in her blog post about Isis, Iki makes some of the nicest cleavages!

Above you see the “Fun”set in cocoa. Below the “Cute” set in cream and the “Smokey” set in olive.

Dutch Touch has an in-world group now and if you join and wear your group tag, you will find 2 skins priced at just 500 each for group members as well as a free skin!!

Other need to knows: frilly undies by Whippet & Buck, hair by Truth

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