Mirror Mirror on the Wall…..


Lola, the upcoming skin from Lelutka is definitely one of my favorite skins ever. It has taken a while before the brand grabbed me, but with Ife, I became a real  fan, and Lola… oh dear, Lola is just a stunning skin!

The body has been reworked, the annoying little flaw on the nose has been corrected, and with the introduction of SL2.0 and the tattoo layer, there are more make up options than ever. Every eye make up can now be combined with 11 lipstick tattoos. It’s a real incentive to try the 2.0 viewer! (Not that I wasn’t a fan of that already, it just runs smoother for me than the first generation viewers)

Anyway, I think it’s time for picture overload after the cut. Lola will be released in 5 skin tones and every skin tone has different make ups, so I’m just going to show them all.







The only comment I have on Lola so far is that the highlight on the chin looks a bit too light on the dark skin tone, other  than that… Definitely gorgeous!!!!

NB portrait image is post processed.

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