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OK, so I felt like writing about skins again, and I have seen Mia, from Mai Bodyshop a couple of times on Thalia, and I have used them a few times myself, and the face really struck me. It’s not the average pretty girl face, this skin appears to be a bit more mature, it has character. Much to my surprise,when I googled the skin and its creator it has not been blogged much. There is a lovely set of photo’s from Gogo on her blog, but that is about it. Mia comes in 4 skintones, sunrise, midday, sunset and midnight and has some pretty strong make ups. I think the mouth is quite spectacular. Mia comes  a bald and a hair base version, with 2 sets of lashes, and a face lamp, which I think is nice, but not really necessary if you use good windlight settings like Caliah’s. Wearing a face lamp, you’ll all to easy blind other people’s SL.


The body is well toned, but  there are some visible seams, even in the obvious places like the hips and the ankles. It is not a skin I would use easily for close ups, as I prefer a higher level of smoothness, and more subtle highlights, for instance on the breasts. I do however like the stomach, which looks like having a regular workout, without being “dry”.  I am also a fan of the back, Mia has a cute bum and lovely dimples. The spine and shoulder blades are pretty well done, altough a bit of a contrast with the harder shading of the front of the body. I think I’d prefer an over all shading like MiraSonia Demina did on the back. 

I’ve decided to make the shape which I have used for Mia available, as a little gift for the readers of my blog. If you want it, please send me a notecard with  in the subject your full avatar name and MIA shape, and I’ll send it to you asap.

Other need to knows: Hair from Lamb!, and undies are from Cheeky Girl

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  1. i love miras skins so much they dont come off my avi she has some really nice new faces coming soon as well…

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