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Sachi Vixen, designer for Adam ‘n Eve, has always been one of my favourite skinmakers. She works very thouroughly, and you may or may not like all of her work on your avatar, but her skins are all of impeccable quality. Recently though, Ms Vixen has been venturing into more photorealistic skins, and she has made a major leap in the way her skins look. Not only is she one of the real skinmakers that work with little pieces of photo references to create a unique look, she also manages to create said unique look without seams, blotches, cosmetical camouflages such as over the top highlights or shading, and her years of drawing skins give her the ability to work the photo material in such way that it renders geat in a lot of windlight settings.

And then, there was Bliss. Bliss will be released either later today, or tomorrow. Usually I prefer a more drawn look to my skins. But with this skin, Sachi really nailed it. The faces are lovely, in 4 different skintones there are 8 different make ups, as well as some with freckles on the face, and some special make ups. I have the pleasure to show you Nude in skintone 1, Smokey in skintone 2, Citrus in skintone 3 and Red Candy in skintone 4. The texture of the face is beautiful. Where I think most photoreal skins have pore issues, this skin is smooth with a soft healthy gloss and a lovely shading on the cheeks. All make ups are impeccable and the mouth is luscious and has a sexy pout to it. I know that some of you would like to see modifiable eye brows, but unless you are a hard core ebony or platinum head, these will work with a wide range of haircolours.

The body is one of the best I have seen in this genre. It glows and has a very feminine softness to it. Over all shading is great, but the breasts and the bum are remarkably well done. I have to mention that Sachi has always been making great butts, and this one is no exception. The belly has a slight tone to it that indicates an active lifestyle without really working out. The nipples are pretty and in harmony with the skintone. A lot of people rant about the few pixels that are available to draw a vagina and how it sometimes looks so bad. Well, you’ll have to believe me when I tell you that this one looks pretty decent. The skins come in a shaved and trimmed version, so that leave you some choice. Special attention is always given to the feet in Sachi’s skins, and Bliss’ feet are actually better than one might expect on an SL avie.

Am I a fan? You bet. You’ll see me often in this skin, it’s a welcome addition to my skin collection and usually I leave the “go see, go try” out of my blogposts, but this skin really deserves a closer look when it will be released. Keep an eye on the Adam ‘n Eve blog for the announcement of the release.

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