Mah Poor Quality skins: Stevie & Neomi


A couple of days ago I found these skins in my inventory from a new shop, Mah Poor Quality by Aliana Tomsen and Elies Furse. My first impression: CUTE! Especially Stevie (I don’t care much for the pout and the dark shading on the mouth on Neomi and you see that on a lot of skins lately… what’s wrong… everybody been drinking cheap red wine?)

On second thought though, these skins still have a lot of issues. They are full of seams and differences between the textures of the different parts of the body templates and other bits need serious blending, but as long as you keep your clothes on, I think Stevie looks really, really nice.

I think Mah Poor Quality is not poor quality at all, just a beginning brand and starting skinners, and I’m curious to know how their products are going to develop over time!

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