Lovely Zuwena

When 2 years ago I was wandering SL as a noobie, looking for a decent skin, I used to end up at the same shop all the time. And no… it was not Naughty, or Celestial, or any of the other big skin shops… somehow I kept ending up at Wisteria sim, where Mavis McGettigan had her shop Skinflicks. I’d used to look at the ads, try a demo or two, and be so disappointed when those skins just wouldn’t look good on me. Back then, ofcourse, I had little knowledge about how to make best use of the sliders to change your shape. We’re really talking noob here. But more recently, when I discovered Mavis’skills on clothes making, I also rivisited her skinshop, and still… no luck.

So when yesterday I did receive a pack of skins from Ms McGettigan, I was a bit anxious to try them on. After all… it was not like I had never tried those skins before… but… Zuwena is different… she actually looks very cute on me… so cute that I wanted to go up to my studio and take some photos of it. Aside from the face (I always complain people pay only attention to the face and ignore flaws on the body when they review skins, so let’s not be guilty of that myself) Zuwena has a well toned body, of which I admit I like the shading on the back better than on the front of the body. There is no lack of detail however, all bodyparts are well defined.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun making photo’s with this skin, and I hope Mavis will make more skins that fit my shape (hint hint).

Quick wardrobe check:
Photo 1: Hair Louisa by Truth, top Embroidery by Ibizarre. Photo 2: Hair Sunday by Maitreya, Scarf by BP, dress Jill by LastCall. Photo 3: Hair Jamie di MMS, jacket Nicole by Dela, top electro ballet (tinted) by Kyoot Army, earrings Waterdrops by Paper Couture. Photo 4: Hair Kalia by Philotic Energy, top Risin Sun by Karamia. Photo 5: hair Kichi by Kin, top PCW dres by Vogart.

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  1. Oh hem gee, these skins look SO gorgeous and fresh on you, let’s just hope they’ll be so adorable on me as well! Here I come! Thanks for posting and sharing them, great and honnest review are always welcome on my side! 😀 xx

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